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Archery was included by FISU in 1996. It’s been optional sport in 6 Universiades, including  last 4, and for the first time in Napoli 2019, will be compulsory sport, to demonstrate how it is becoming a very popular and successful sport. There will be individual and team competitions (men, women and mixed) in compound and recurve.

9-13 JULY

Competition Avellino Partenio Stadium Campo A
Warm up Avellino Partenio Stadium Campo B
Final Caserta Royal Palace

South Korea ruled the last Summer Universiade in Taipei, winning 8 of the 10 sport disciplines and missing just a gold medal in the compound team competition and women recurve individual. In general, South Korea ruled all the last six editions, winning an amount of more than 30 gold medals.

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Artistic Gym. was introduced during the second edition of the event in Sofia in 1961. It has always been in the compulsory sports program of the Universiades and it is one of the most extraordinary and popular sports. The stage of the Univerisades has always acted as a springboard for the gymnasts and their growth.

3-7 JULY

Competition Napoli PalaVesuvio Main Hall
Warm up Napoli PalaVesuvio Hall A
Training Napoli PalaVesuvio Hall B-C

During the edition in Zagabria in 1987, russian gymnast Elena Chouchounova won the Gold medal in all the six competitions included in the program. In addition to the individual and team programs, she won gold also in the vault, in the floor, in the balance beam and in uneven bars, achieving a record that, at the moment, seems to be out of reach.

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Athletics is absolutely the widest individual program of the whole Universiade, with more than 1000 athletes in 50 disciplines. Athletics was present since the first edition of Universiade in 1959: several records have been made in the different editions, including one of the most enduring, realized by Pietro Mennea for the 200 metres, in Mexico City in 1979.

8-13 JULY

Competition Napoli San Paolo Stadium
Warm up Napoli CUS Napoli
Training Napoli Virgiliano Park
Throws Training Napoli Collana Stadium

Athletics, during the past editions, has always shown a great number of high-level individual performances. In Taipei the medal collection was won by Japan, that achieved 16 medals, 7 gold, followed by Poland, that won 14 medals. Two Universiade records were reached, javelin throw (man) and hammer throw (women).

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Basketball is the one of team sport that has always been present in the program of the Universiades compulsory sports: in Turin 1959, 15 teams joined the games, and the gold medal was won by Soviet Union. In the next edition in Sofia, also female basketball tournament was included. In Napoli 2019 there will be 16 male teams and 16 females.

3-11 JULY

Competition – Final W Napoli PalaBarbuto
Competition Cercola PalaCercola
Competition – Finale M Avellino (main) PalaDelMauro
Competition Aversa PalaJacazzi
Training Napoli CUS Napoli (2 courts)
Training Mondragone Palasport
Training Caserta PalaVignola
Training Napoli Polifunzionale Soccavo

United States won the greatest number of medals thanks to their male team. From their first time playing in Budapest 1965, americans have always won the gold medal until 1981, when they were beaten by Soviet Union in Bucharest. In Taipei they were beaten again by Lithuania, while the female tournament was won by Australia.

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It has been a compulsory sport since the Summer Universiade second edition in Sofia. Diving is closely tied up with the university sport programs: a lot of athletes, who later became Olympic or World Champions, took part in the University Games, adding value to the competition in every edition. In Napoli 2019 medals will be awarded for 1 and 3 mt. springboard and for 10 mt. platform for the individual, while for the synchronized, medals will be awarded for 3 mt springboard and 10 mt platform for male, female and mixed team.

2-8 JULY

Competition\Training Napoli Mostra d’Oltremare
Warm-up\Dry land Training Napoli Mostra d’Oltremare – Pavilion 10

In Budapest 1965 the USA delegation participated for the first time in the Summer Universiade and, as in many other disciplines, it prevailed also in diving: Americans won the gold medal in all four classes included in the program. Over the years, the Asian countries started to rule the sport, as also shown in Taipei 2017.

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With more than 300 athletes, fencing is one of the symbol sport of the Summer Universiade, as well as a ladder for world’s competitions and Olympic Games. Fencing has been present since Turin 1959 and it has been one of the first sport to be included in the university program.

4-9 JULY

Competition Baronissi CUS Salerno
Training Baronissi CUS Salerno
Training Salerno Club Scherma Salerno

In Duisburg 1989 for the first time in an international competition there were two innovations: the female’s team epee tournament and the electronic control in sabre competitions, that brought the quality of the competition to a better level. In Napoli 2019 there will be all the internationally recognised competitions.

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Optional sport in Tokyo 1967, Kobe 1985 and Fukuoka 1995, judo has been recently included in the program of the compulsory sports in Bangkok 2007. The growth of this discipline is been strong edition by edition. Napoli 2019 will host four male weight classes (up to 100, 81-90, 66-73 and to 60) and four females (up to 78, 63-70, 52-57 and to 48).

4-8 JULY

Competition and Finals Napoli Mostra d’Oltremare hall 6
Warm up\Training Napoli Mostra d’Oltremare hall 5

The Taipei 2017 edition was won by Japan, that collected 16 medals, of which 10 gold, equally divided into male and female teams. Japan and Asian counties have the best winning tradition in this discipline.

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It is the only compulsory women-only program. It was introduced as optional sport in the Summer Universiade program during the edition in Sheffield in 1991, but since the following edition it became a mandatory sport, thanks to the great interest of the audience. In 2019 Napoli there will be, clearly, all the gym equipment, in addition to the 5 balls, and 3 hoops and 2 ribbons groups.

11-13 JULY

Competition\Warm up Napoli Palavesuvio Main Hall
Training Napoli Palavesuvio Hall A – B – C
Training Cercola Gym in Cercola

During the first edition in Sheffield, only 19 athletes took part in the competitions and the North Korea won all the gold medals. Since, the number of athletes increased exponentially and all the most important gymnasts of the contemporary times took part in Universiades: starting from Natalia Godunko, Irina Tchatchina, up to Eugenia Pavlina and Maria Petrova.

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Rugby Seven is one of the optional sport of Napoli 2019. It’s a fastest and more impressive kind of rugby. It’s the second time that this sport is included in the Summer Universiade, but there have already been several World University Championships, in demonstration of a growth of a sport that has been also part of Rio 2016.

4-7 JULY

Competition Napoli (main) Ex Nato Stadium
Training Boscotrecase Comunale Stadium
Training Napoli Albricci Stadium
Training Afragola L. Moccia Stadium
Training Benevento Pacevecchia Stadium

Rugby Seven was also present in Kazan 2013 as an optional sport. Italy won the female tournament and France the males’. In Napoli 2019 there will be 16 teams playing, equally divided into men and women.

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Being Napoli very keen on sailing, it will be optional sport in Napoli 2019 and it could not be otherwise. Sailing has been added recently in the FISU program (the first University Championship was in 2002), and it appeared for the first time in the Summer Universiade of 1999 in Palma de Mallorca and again in Shenzen 2011 like optional sport.

8-12 JULY

Competition Napoli Circolo Italia
Training Napoli Circolo Italia

The competition will take place in Napoli’s Gulf, in a 900 metres field. There will be 5 days of competitions, where the 16 teams will compete in 3 races with 8 sailboats. In Shezen 2011 China dominated the scene winning 4 golds out of 8.

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Shotgun and shooting, both optional sports in Napoli 2019, are considered by CUSI as one single sport (shooting sports). They were introduced for the first time in Bangkok 2007, always as optional sports, with 450 athletes. Shooting sports were also present in the editions of 2011, 2013 and 2015.

4-9 JULY

Competition\Training Shooting Napoli  Mostra d’Oltremare – Pavilion 3
Competition\Training Skeet Durazzano (BN) ASD Tiro a Volo Zaino

Given that shooting sports were not present in Taipei 2017, FISU decided to include Shooting and Shotgun in the program of Napoli 2019. The classes approved by the International Federation for both sports in men and women competitions will be included.  More than 350 participants have been expected in Napoli for the games.

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Always been included in the Summer Universiade program, swimming, like athletics, is the sport program with the longest list of participants. The competition level and the number of participants increased edition after edition, in the same way swimming became one of the most popular sports in the world.

4-11 JULY

Competition Napoli Piscina Scandone
Training Napoli Piscina Scandone

The competition level in the Universiade swimming program has always been maximum. As illustrated by the fact that, in the first two editions in Torino and Sofia, an amount of 24 world records was broken, whereas in Bucharest 1981, 26 universiade records were broken on the 29 competitions included in the program. In Taipei the USA athletes won the greatest number of medals (28 podium and 11 gold medals).

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Table tennis is one of the sports that mainly grew at international level: it became one of the most popular discipline thanks to the increasing number of participants and spectators. Thanks to China, a real pioneer of the sport, table tennis appeared for the first time during the Universiade of Beijing in 2001 and it became a mandatory discipline during the edition of Izmir in 2005.

4-11 JULY

Competition Pozzuoli PalaTrincone
Training\Warm up Pozzuoli PalaTrincone – Tentstructure

Table tennis is the youngest mandatory sport included in the Universiade program. In Taipei 2017 the Asian countries hoarded a great number of medals, ruling all the disciplines of the program. The program will be the same in Napoli 2019 both at individual double and levels with 24 teams for each categories.

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Taekwondo is a pretty young sport, also at the Olympic level, but it joined the University sport program in 1986. Since 2003 edition it has been an optional discipline, but in Taipei 2017 it entered the mandatory sports program.

7-13 JULY

Competition Casoria Palazzetto dello Sport
Training\Warm up Casoria Palazzetto dello Sport

In Taipei 2017, the greatest number of medals was awarded to South Korea, the inventor of this extraordinary sport. In Napoli 2019, there will be 6 categories both for men and women in kyorugi competition, while in poomsae competition there will be individual and team for men and women and mixed team also.

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Tennis is one of the first sport that joined the FISU program, starting from the Universiade, for which it has been a mandatory discipline since the first edition in Torino, in 1959. Thanks to FISU and ITF collaboration, different tennis stadiums were built during the Universiades in order to ensure the highest level of the competition both for athletes and spectators.

5-13 JULY

Competition Napoli Circolo Tennis and Caracciolo boardwalk
Training Napoli Cus Napoli (6 courts)
Backup Napoli Rama Club

The first gold medals in Torino 1959 were awarded to France in the men tournament and to the former URSS in the women’s one. During the different editions, Asian countries started to rule, as also shown in Taipei where the hosts won the competition. In Napoli 2019 there will be whole individual double and also mixed programs.

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Just like basketball, volleyball has always been present in the program of the games since the beginning. In Turin 1959, 12 teams took part in the Universiade, while the female tournament was introduced in the next edition, with 6 teams playing. The volleyball tournament has always been one of the most followed.

5-13 JULY

Competition Nocera PalaCoscioni
Competition Ariano Palazzetto dello Sport
Competition Eboli (main) PalaSele
Competition Benevento PalaTedeschi
Training Capriglia Palazzetto dello Sport
Training Casalnuovo Palazzetto dello Sport
Training Portici Palazzetto dello Sport
Training Napoli Polifunzionale Soccavo (2 courts)

In Taipei the male tournament was won by Iran, and the females by Russia. Since Izmir 2005, the program includes 24 nations playing in the male tournament and 16 in the females’, while in Napoli 2019 there will be 20 teams for male tournament and 16 for female.

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Starting from seven countries in the men-only tournament of the first edition, up to the 20 countries, equally split between men and women national teams, that will take part in Napoli 2019. The development of water polo is connected to the increase of the number of participants during the different Universiades. In Belgrado 2009, the competition has been opened to women teams, too.

2-14 JULY

Competiton Casoria Piscina Comunale
Competiton Caserta Swimming Stadium
Training M Santa Maria Capua Vetere Comunale Swimming Pool
Training W Napoli Pala Dennerlein
Finals Napoli Piscina Scandone

The water polo competitions of the Universiades were never lacking in emotional intensity. In Sheffield 1991, the final match between the favourite USA and the wonder China ended just after the extra times, whereas, more recently, the countries of the former Jugoslavia dominated the competition, as also happened in Taipei, where Serbia prevailed. The women tournament, instead, was won by the USA.

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