Napoli 2019 effect. A positive assessment from tourism to food service industry

Naples as a beautiful and efficient city, invaded by athletes and tourists, in the spotlight of the world for two weeks with flattering feedbacks. Museums and tourist itineraries were flooded in the first 14 days of July. Mann Museum, for example, has reached 20 thousand visitors for the exhibition “Paideia. Giovani e sport nell’antichità”, one […]

De Luca:”Proud of Napoli and Campania”

“Universiade brought a wave of pride for Naples and Campania. We succeeded in accomplishing this challenge even if many did not believe it, since organising events such as this in Italy is a miracle”, said this afternoon president of Regione Campania Vincenzo De Luca during the wrap-up press conference of the Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade, […]

Not just medals: the record numbers of Napoli 2019

It will be remembered as the edition of records: the Universiade has never reached such huge numbers in the past, starting with the total of athletes and delegations involved, at least in Italy. Among the numerous records of the 30th Summer Universiade, including Italy’s medal count (44), Napoli 2019 has to be proud of the […]

ARU and Regione Campania strenghten local public transportation for the closing ceremony

In view of the Closing Ceremony for the 30th Summer Universiade, scheduled on July 14th (9:00 pm ), Regione Campania and the Regional Agency for Universiade have designed and funded a plan for the strengthening of local public transportation service in order to guarantee the access to San Paolo Stadium as well as the evening […]

San Paolo Stadium sold out for Napoli 2019 closing ceremony

Tickets for the Closing Ceremony of the 30th Summer Universiade Napoli 2019, scheduled to take place tomorrow, July 14th, 09:00 PM, at San Paolo Stadium, have already been sold out. More than 35,000 spectators are expected to attend the final show, created and produced by Balich Worldwide Shows, under the direction of Stefania Opipari. Taking inspiration […]