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Archery was recognized by FISU in 1996. It was an optional discipline in six University Games and in the last 4 editions and, for the first time in Naples, it will become part of the mandatory sports, demonstrating the great growth of the sport. There will be individual and team competitions (men’s, women’s and mixed) both in the compound and in the recurve.

9-13 JULY

Competition Avellino Partenio Stadium – Court A
Warm Up Avellino Stadio Partenio Court B
Final Caserta Royal Palace

South Korea ruled the last edition in Taipei, winning 8 of the 10 disciplines, missing the gold medal only in the compound team competition and in that individual women’s recurve. In general, South Korea has ruled all the six previous editions, winning over 30 golds in total.

Archery Regolamento (updated to April 2019)

Archery Handbook (updated to May 2019)



It has basically been a costant presence in the Universiade since its second edition in Sofia in 1961. Among the most spectacular and followed disciplines, artistic gymnastics has ever been present in the compulsory sports programme. The Universiade has always been a springboard for gymnasts in their career.

3-7 JULY

Competition Napoli PalaVesuvio Main Hall
Warm Up Napoli PalaVesuvio Hall A
Trainign Napoli PalaVesuvio Hall B-C

In the Zagreb 1987 edition, the Russian Elena Chouchounova won a gold medal in all the six competitions of the programme. In addition to the victory in both the individual and team programme, she also won the gold for vault, floor, balance beam and uneven bars, setting a record that, to date, seems unattainable

Artistic Gymanstics Handbook (updated to May 2019)



Athletics is definitely the largest individual programme in the whole Universiade, with over 1000 athletes involved in 50 disciplines. It has been there since 1959. In the following editions, several world records have been set, including one of the most enduring: The 200 meters won by Pietro Mennea in Mexico City in 1979.

8-13 JULY

Competition Napoli San Paolo Stadium
Warm Up Napoli CUS Napoli
Training Napoli Virgiliano Park
Throwing Training Napoli Collana Stadium

In the different editions of the Universiade, athletics has set many records and high-level individual performances. The medal collection of the discipline was won in Tapei by Japan, which won 16 medals, including 7 gold medals, followed by Poland with 14. Two more records were set in men’s javelin throw and women’s hammer throw.

Athletics Regulations (updated to April 2019)

Athletics Handbook (Updated to May 2019)

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Basketball is one of the compulsory team sports always present in the Universiade: Indeed, the participating teams in Turin in 1959 were 15 and the Soviet Union won the first gold medal. In the next edition in Sofia the tournament was also open to the women’s national teams. 16 will be the teams taking part in Napoli 2019 in the men’s tournament as well as in the women’s tournament.


3-11 JULY

Competition – Final F. Napoli PalaBarbuto
Competition Cercola PalaCercola
Competition – Final M. Avellino PalaDelMauro
Competition Aversa PalaJacazzi
Training Napoli CUS Napoli (2 courts)
Training Mondragone Palasport
Training Caserta PalaVignola
Training Napoli Polifunzionale Soccavo

The United States holds the highest number of titles thanks to the men’s national team. Since they debuted in Budapest in 1965, the Americans have always won the gold medal, until 1981 when they were beaten by the Soviet Union in Bucharest. In Taipei, the gold medal was won Lithuania, which beat the U.S.A., while Australia won the women’s tournament.

Basketball Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Basketball Handbook (updated to May 2019)



Mandatory sport from the second summer Universiade in Sofia in 1961, diving is closely tied to universitary sport program. So many athletes, that have became world and olympic champions, have partecipated to university games, growing the level of the tournament so far. In Napoli will be awarded medals in 1m and 3m springboard and 10m platform individual both male and female, while for synchronized medals will be awarded in 3m springboard and in 10m platform for male, female and mixed.

2-8 JULY

Competition\Training Napoli Mostra d’Oltremare Swimming Pool
Warm Up Dry Land Napoli Pav.10 Mostra d’Oltremare

In Budapest in 1965 there was the first partecipation of Us delegation that won the gold in all diving categories. With the passing of time, diving has been dominated by Asian countries, as shown by the standings in Taipei two years ago.

Diving Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Diving Handbook (updated to May 2019)



With over 300 participating athletes, fencing is one of the symbolic sports of the Summer Universiade, as well as the springboard for those taking part in the world championships and the Olympics. Fencing has been present since the first edition of Turin in 1959 and was also one of the first sports to be included in the university program.

4-9 JULY

Competition Baronissi CUS Salerno
Training Baronissi CUS Salerno
Training Salerno Salerno Fencing Club

In the Duisburg edition in 1989, for the first time within an international competition, two changes were introduced in the program: the women’s team and the electronic control in the saber tournament, increasing level and quality of the competition. In the next Napoli 2019 edition there will be all the internationally recognized competitions.

Fencing Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Fencing Handbook (updated to May 2019)



The most played and known sport in the world, as well as one of the programmes with the largest number of participants of the whole Universiade. Football has become a compulsory sport in the 1985 Kobe edition, whereas the first time for women’s tournament was in Buffalo in 1993. 24 will be the teams participating in Napoli 2019, equally divided between male and female teams.

2-13 JULY

Competition – Final M. Salerno Arechi Stadium
Competition . Final W. Benevento Ciro Vigorito Stadium
Competition Caserta Pinto Stadium
Competition Pagani M.Torre Stadium
Competition Cava dei Tirreni S.Lamberti Stadium
Competition Nocera San Francesco Stadium
Competition Casoria San Mauro Stadium
Training Napoli ( Ponticelli) G. Ascarelli  Stadium
Training Torre Annunziata A. Giraud Stadium
Training Sarno F. Squitieri Stadium
Training Mercato San Severino Superga Stadium
Training Castellammare R. Menti Stadium
Training Baronissi Figliolia Stadium
Training Fisciano Vittoria Stadium

The first edition of the men’s tournament was surprisingly won by North Korea, whereas China stood out in the women’s tournament for the very first time. The last Tapei edition was won by Japan both in men’s and women’s torunament; Japan is the country with the largest number of gold medals in the Universiade football tournament.

Football Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Football Handbook (updated to May 2019)



Judo has been inserted as compulsory sport in Bangkok in 2007, after being an optional sport in Tokyo in 1967, in Kobe in 1985 and in Fukuoka in 1995. Six men’s weight divisions (-66 Kg; -73Kg; -81 Kg; -90 Kg; +90 Kg; Open) and just as many women’s weight divisions (-52 Kg; -57 Kg; -63 Kg; -70 Kg; +70 Kg; Open).

4-7 JULY

Competition Napoli Pav. 6 Mostra d’Oltremare
Warm Up\ Training Napoli Pav. 5 Mostra d’Oltremare

The last edition held in Taipei was ruled by Japan which won 16 medals including 10 gold, equally divided between men’s and women’s teams. Japan, and Asian countries in general, are those with the greatest winning tradition in this discipline.

Judo Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Judo Handbook (updated to May 2019)



The only compulsory programme only for women. Rhythmic gymnastics was introduced in the Universiade programme in the Sheffield 1991 edition as an optional sport, but since the next edition it became a compulsory sport, due to the large audience and the growing interest. All the gym apparatus is expected for Napoli 2019. Moreover, teams  that will take on 5 balls and 3 hoops and 2 ribbons.

11-13 JULY

Competition\Warm Up Napoli Palavesuvio Main Hall
Training Napoli Palavesuvio Hall A – B – C
Training Cercola Gym

In the first Sheffield edition, the participating athletes were only 19. North Korea won all the gold medals. Since then the number of participants has increased exponentially and all the greatest gymnasts of the modern age have participated in the University Games: From Natalia Godunko to Irina Tchatchina, up to Eugenia Pavlina and Maria Petrova.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Handbook (updated to May 2019)



It is one of the optional sports of Napoli 2019: Rugby 7s is a faster and more spectacular variant of classic rugby. It is the second time that this programme has become part of the Summer Universiade, but there have already been several editions of world university championships, demonstrating the growth of a discipline that also debuted at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games .

4-7 JULY

Competiton Napoli (principale) Ex Nato Stadium
Training Boscotrecase Comunale Stadium
Training Napoli Albricci Stadium
Training Afragola Moccia Stadium
Training Benevento Pacevecchia Stadium

The only other presence of Rugby 7s in the Universiade programme was in 2013 in Kazan, again as an optional discipline with Italy’s victories in the women’s tournament and France in the men’s tournament. Also in Napoli 2019 there will be both tournaments with 16 participating teams, equally divided between men’s and women’s teams.

Rugby Seven Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Rugby Seven Handbook (updated to May 2019)



Optional discipline at Napoli 2019 and it could not be otherwise, for the great tradition of Naples for this sport. Sailing was add recently to Fisu Program (first university sailing world championship was held in 2002), appeared for the first time at Summer Universiade in Palma de Mallorca in 1999 and later in Shenzen in 20199 like optional sport.

8-12 JULY

Competition Napoli Circolo Italia
Training Napoli Circolo Italia

Sailing competition will be in Naple’s Gulf on a race course of 900 meters. There will be scheduled 5 competition days in which the 16 partecipant teams will be divided in 3 race with 8 boats. In Shenze in 2011 China dominated sailing winning 4 gold medals in 8 competitions.

Sailing Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Sailing Handbook (updated to May 2019)



Rifle/pistol and shotgun, both optional disciplines in the Napoli 2019 programme, are considered by Fisu as a unique discipline. They made their first appearance in Bangkok in 2007 with over 450 athletes. Then they were proposed again in the 2011, 2013 and 2015 editions.

4-9 JULY

Competition\Training Shooting Napoli Pav.3 Mostra d’Oltremare
Competition\Training Skeet Durazzano (BN) ASD Tiro a Volo Zaino

Shooting sports were not present in the Taipei edition. Therefore, Cusi chose Napoli 2019 to re-insert Rifle/pistol and shotgun in the Universiade programme. The categories recognized by the International Federation will be present in both the men’s and women’s tournaments. Over 350 participants are expected.

Shooting Regulation (updatede to April 2019)

Shooting Handbook (updated to May 2019)



Together with athletics, swimming is the programme with the largest number of participants. The level of competition and the number of participants has increased from one edition to another, growing at the same pace with one of the most played sports in the world.

4-11 JULY

Competition Napoli Scandone Swimming Pool
Training Napoli Scandone Swimming Pool

The level of competition in the Universiade swimming programmeme has always been very high. Indeed, in the first two editions held in Turin and Sofia, 24 world records were beaten, while in the 1981 Bucharest edition, 26 Universiade records in 29 scheduled competitions were beaten. The athletes of the United States were the most awarded in Taipei with 28 podiums (11 gold medals).

Swimming Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Swimming Handbook (updated to May 2019)



Table tennis is one of the most growing disciplines internationally: The increasing number of spectators and players makes it one of the most followed disciplines. Thanks to a real forerunner sucha as China, table tennis appears for the first time in a Universiade programme in the Beijing edition in 2001 and becomes a compulsory discipline in the Izmir edition in 2005.

4-11 JULY

Competition Pozzuoli PalaTrincone
Training\Wam Up Napoli PalaTrincone

Table tennis is the latest mandatory discipline in the Universiade programme. In Taipei, in 2017, Asian countries have bought up medals, triumphing in all the scheduled disciplines. The program will be exactly the same for Napoli 2019 both for singles and doubles, with 24 teams in each category.

Table Tennis Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Table Tennis Handbook (updated to May 2019)



Taekwondo is a relatively young discipline, even at the Olympic level, but entered the university sports programme in 1986. It has been an optional discipline since 2003, but it became part of the compulsory sports programme in Taipei 2017.

7-13 JULY

Competition Casoria Palazzetto dello Sport
Training\Warm Up Casoria Palazzetto dello Sport

In the last Taipei edition, most of the medals were won by South Korea, taht is the creator of this spectacular sport. In Napoli 2019 there will be six men’s divisions as well as six women’s divisions in kyorugi, while in poomsae there will be individual, men’s and women’s teams and mixed competitions.

Taekwondo Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Taekwondo Handbook (updated to May 2019)



Tennis is one of the first sports to have entered Fisu’s programmes, starting with the Universiade, where it has been a compulsory discipline since the first edition of Turin in 1959. Thanks to the collaboration between Fisu and ITF, different stadiums of tennis were built during the different editions of the games, to ensure the highest level of the tournament for both athletes and the audience.

5-13 JULY

Competition Napoli Circolo Tennis and Lungomare
Training Napoli Cus Napoli (6 courts)
Backup Napoli Rama Club

The first gold medals in 1959 were won by France in the men’s tournament and by the Soviet Union in the women’s tournament. Over time, the Asian countries have begun to rule the tournament, as evidenced by the latest edition of Taipei, ruled by the hosts. Singles, doubles, in addition to the mixed doubles, are scheduled for Napoli 2019.

Tennis Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Tennis Handbook (updated to May 2019)



Just like basketball, volleyball has been one of the permanent programmes since the first edition of the Universiade. In Turin, in 1959, there were 12 teams, while the women’s tournament started in the next edition with 6 teams. Over time, volleyball tournaments have become one of the most followed.

5-13 JULY

Competiton Nocera PalaCoscioni
Competiton Ariano Palazzetto dello Sport
Competiton Eboli PalaSele
Competiton Benevento PalaTedeschi
Training Capriglia Palazzetto dello Sport
Training Casalnuovo Palazzetto dello Sport
Training Portici Palazzetto dello Sport
Training Napoli Polifunzionale Soccavo (2 courts)

In Taipei the medals were won, respectively, by Russia in the women’s tournament and by Iran in the men’s tournament. The Napoli 2019 programme includes 20 participating countries for the men’s tournament and 16 for the women’s tournament.

Volleyball Regulation (updated to April 2019)

Volleyball Handbook (updated to May 2019)



From seven male team in the first edition of Universiade, to 20 split in male and female team in Napoli 2019. The growth of waterpolo can be seen with the increase of teams and partecipants during the different Universiadi editions. In Belgrade 2009, the tournament was open to female teams.

2-14 JULY

Gara Caserta Stadio del Nuoto
Gara Casoria Piscina Comunale
Allenamento U. Santa Maria Capua Vetere Comunale Swimming Pool
Allenamento D. Napoli Pala Dennerlein
Finale Napoli Piscina Scandone

Waterpolo tournamens at Universiadi have ever offered great emotion and pathos. In 1991, in Sheffiled, the final between the favourite United States and the surprise China ended after two overtimes , while recently, there have been country of the former Yugoslavia to lord, as it’s happens in Taipei, where Serbia won. The female tournament has been won by United States.

Water Polo Regulation (update to April 2019)

Water Poli Handbook (updated to May 2019)