The second CSU visit starts today. The FISU Committee of Summer Universiade will be in Naples following the visit of last year, held in same period. This visit will allow the CSU to work with Organising Commettee, with the purpose of make a point about the imminent event.

In the program there are visits to Caserta, Salerno and Napoli, both to the venues and to the cities’ beauties.

On Wednesday and Thursday, after the institutional greeting of Gianluca Basile, Adam Sotiriadis (OC General Coordinator), Leonz Eder (FISU Vicepresident and CSU President) and Lorenzo Lentini (CUSI President), Organising Commette’s members will update CSU on several topics as Athletes Villages and about everything that needs to delegation services like food and beverage, transportation, accreditation and securiy. Focus also on ceremonies and torch relay, broadcasting and media, branding and marketing.