A team of champions, ambassadors, athletes who have made the history of Italian sport and Campania legends are hitting the gas so that Napoli 2019 can live up to everyone's expectations. After Patrizio Olivia, committed to the volunteers recruitment and Davide Tizzano, who represents a link between the organizing committee and the national federations, Massimiliano Rosolino also joins the Universiade family. The Neapolitan swimmer, gold in the 200 m/yd individual medley at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, announced his entry into the organization of the event on his social accounts right 80 days before the start of the Games. Rosolino, who boasts 160,000 followers on Instagram, will create social pills to tell the awesomeness of the Universiade, the beauty of sport, the uniqueness of Naples and Campania, the interconnection among athletes from all over the world.
"The Universiade is an extraordinary event, a unique opportunity to enhance the beauty of Naples and Campania, combined with the enthusiasm and talent of its people. Prestigious champions will take part - explained Rosolino - in this event showing a human and less chaotic aspect compared to other competitions. "There will be the possibility to leave Naples the regional venues restored - adds Rosolino - The city will face the Universiade with great enthusiasm, as it always does on great occasions ”.