The International University Sports Federation (FISU), at its Executive Committee Meeting at the weekend in Lausanne, Switzerland, gave its definitive approval for the 2019 Universiade World University Games to be held in Naples in July.
The organising committee said FISU acknowledged the progress that has been made in planning the event, which will comprise the entire region of Campania.
FISU also took stock of the current status of the various renovation projects underway on the venues to be used for the 18 different sports at the Games.
The Italian delegation in Lausanne was made up of 2019 Universiade Commissioner Gianluca Basile, Campania region deputy governor Fulvio Bonavitacola, City of Naples chief of staff Attilio Auricchio, and Italian University Sports Centre President Lorenzo Lentini.
Its mission was to convince FISU that despite initial hiccups in planning, the event is now moving forward smoothly and on schedule.
Basile told ANSA that FISU expressed appreciation for the commission’s prompt responses to its questions as well as its “detailed illustration of the event planning and the status of various projects, including the athletes’ village, sporting venues, accommodations, transport, security, and medical assistance”.
FISU recognised the full collaboration underway between the various institutions involved and the sporting world (CONI and CUSI).
It also recognised as the Italian government’s commitment, as shown by its nomination of Basile, the director-general of the Naples Regional Agency for Universities (ARU), to head the organising commission.
“FISU gave its definitive approval for the 2019 Universiade in Naples, reaffiriming its full cooperation for the event’s success,” Basile said, adding that the Naples and Campania event will bring together the best of sport, culture, friendship among young people and solidarity between countries.
Although the event’s viability wasn’t under question, the Executive Committee Meeting was still an important test for the event’s organisers.
FISU’s approval was the final step needed prior to moving forward on a final push towards finalising preparations for the event.