The modernization plan will include non only facilities but also sports equipment. The Regional Agency for the Universiade has allocated approximately 5 million euros for the purchase of equipment destined to prepare the 56 competition and training venues located throughout the regional territory. Equipment will remain in possession of the plants even after the event, for the benefit of communities and sporting users. The venues for basketball, football, rugby, athletics, swimming, water polo, diving, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics tournaments will be able to count on new equipment in compliance with FIDAL, IAAF and FISU current regulations . It means a leap in quality that will allow many athletes from Campania to stay in the whole area avoiding trips, especially for training, thanks to facilities and equipment in compliance with the international standards required for professional competitions. “Hosting an event such as the Universiade is for Campania just a further added value”, said the Extraordinary Commissioner for Napoli 2019, Gianluca Basile. “Several effects on the area are predictable not only in quantitative terms of open building sites, but also of renewed equipment for the benefit of our athletes”.