Yesterday, the last meeting of the coordination room before the next Summer Universiade took place at Palazzo Santa Lucia in Naples and was attended by all the local authorities, which focused on the final adjustments of the activity program. “There is a spirit of great collaboration and great trust. We are taking the final step and for my own part there is a cautious optimism, or a conscious and intelligent optimism”, said the vice president of the Regional Council of Campania Fulvio Bonavitacola. “None of the venues have been cancelled, but some interventions starting in view of the Universiade will guarantee just a partial use of them. Work is currently underway – continued Bonavitacola – In about 60 plants throughout the region and important steps have been taken so far”. The extraordinary commissioner of Napoli 2019, Gianluca Basile, said that “Beyond the execution phase, for which 127 million euros have been allocated by Regione Campania, in addition to the 129 million euros allocated to the goods and services sector, it is necessary to focus on promotional activity”. Therefore, Basile underlined the valuable collaboration with the local authorities, with events to be planned in the whole territory in order to show the beauties of Campania. He also reminded that for this specific intervention 2 million euros had been earmarked. The extraordinary commissioner then talked about the successful cooperation with ANAC. In this respect, the representative of the Anti-Corruption Authority, Tommaso Luongo, took the floor: “One year after the agreement between ANAC and the organizing committee Napoli 2019, we have expressed – he said – 200 precautionary opinions on legality. The security service is very active and very recognized by the organizing committee”. On this topic, the president of CUSI, Lorenzo Lentini, said: “We have already won thanks to the incredible spirit demonstrated in terms of legality in the realization of this event “. Lentini also spoke to the mayors asking for support so that the identity of the Southern Italy can be brought out, showing our strength and our beauties to the whole world”. Besides, the Naples police commissioner, Antonio De Iesu, talked about the Universiade in terms of public order and security: “It’s a big challenge. No mistakes are accepted. We started a planning and risk assessment work. We are working hard”. At the end of the meeting, Fulvio Bonavitacola recalled the value of the event for its message of solidarity and encounter between different cultures (“particularly important values in a historic moment in which walls and divisions are raised”). Furthermore, he underlined the added value that the Universiade can represent above all for the new generations: “This experience will represent for many trainees and volunteers from Campania a cultural baggage to spend in the world of work, in Italy and abroad. That’s why we do want an extraordinary Universiade”.