The image of the Universiade Napoli 2019 together with that of the whole Campania will be promoted from May 6th to 19th by the BNL Italian Open 2019.

In partnership with Regione Campania, ambassadors and volunteers of the 30th Summer Universiade will be at Foro Italico to promote the event scheduled in Naples for July 3-14.

In the last edition of the BNL Italian Open, a total of 16,135 players were involved. This year the number of 20,000 participants has been exceeded: 20,250. The impressive appeal, combined with the undeniable charm and tradition that has always accompanied the Italian Open in Rome, has made the partnership with the Universiade finally possible. Tennis is included among the 18 sports disciplines.

Meanwhile, competitions will start at Foro Italico tomorrow, on May 4th, with two final qualifications for men’s and women’s singles (40 players each), that will give access to the IBI 2019.