Symbols are visual, recognizable elements that shorten the distance between a wider context and its immediate definition. Symbols are the metaphorical synthesis linking their truthfulness and the way they can be recognized. During the creation of the Napoli2019 Universiade logo, we decided to “borrow” one of Naples’ most universally recognized emblems, both from an historical/morphological and from a suggestive/touristic point of view: Mount Vesuvius. Its shape, fully in line with the concept of a volcano in our collective imagination, made it possible to translate it into a symbol: the dormant volcano was “remodelled” into five chromatic trails, whose colours can be traced back to the world of Olympic sports and, subsequently, to the Universiade. The coloured lines run towards the top, drawing an imaginary racetrack for athletes, but also for culture. The lines meeting at the top and ending with a puff of multicoloured smoke symbolize different people’s involvement with a unique objective: sharing and contributing to development, progress, solidarity, and coexistence.


XXX Universiade Napoli


Institutional Graphic Foot