The delegation of Napoli 2019 attended the opening ceremony of the 29th Winter Universiade, which will take place in Siberia until March 12. The Russian President Vladimir Putin kicked off the Games in the suggestive Platinum Ice Arena. At the end of the ceremony there was a tribute to Italy with a grand finale to the strains of “Adagio in Sol minor”.
The business trip was also an opportunity to take stock of the situation together with the FISU Executive Committee on the status of works for the Universiade in Naples (from 3rd to 14th July). “It was a pleasure to be present at the start of the Winter University Games, a real show where the spirit of brotherhood between the Countries and the enthusiasm of the participants is always triumphant,” said the Special Commissioner for the Universiade with the ARU managers Annapaola Voto and Flavio De Martino, and the president of CUSI Lorenzo Lentini.  “But the start of the Russian competition also means that the Summer Universiade is getting closer and closer and we are working harder and harder to complete our task, for a big sports and cultural event aiming at showing Italy and Naples to the whole world”.