The Steering Committee of Fisu was held this morning in Braga, Portugal,. Napoli 2019 was represented by Special Commissioner Gianluca Basile. The FISU steering committee expressed satisfaction with the high number of countries – 120 – who have already registered for the event, a number that is expected to increase because registrations are open until March 3.

The organising committee for the 2019 Universiade World University Games will involve Campania universities to recruit the volunteers needed for the events, drawing in particular on language students from the University of Naples “L’Orientale” campus. “FISU reminded us of the need for a high number of volunteers who speak different languages, in order to best assist the athletes and delegations that will come to Naples,” Basile said.
“In particular, the distribution of the athletes’ village in different places in the region will require a higher number of volunteers to cover all the needs and provide perfect hosting,” he said

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) also asked the commission to start an international promotional campaign “that can bring benefits both to the Universiade as well as the city of Naples and Campania”.
“We’re preparing with a series of promotional campaigns,” he said. “At the meeting we also started on details for television coverage of the event. Soon we will start a promotion and communications plan on a global level, not only in Italy. At the meeting we also addressed the opening and closing ceremonies, which we’ve started to prepare,” Basile said.

At the steering committee meeting on Thursday there were also representatives from Chengdu, the city in the Chinese province of Sichuan that will host the 2021 Universiade Games.