Regulations on the work of photographers

General provisions

Photographers get the Ep accreditation category providing access to the Main Press Centre, media zones in the competition venues as part of Napoli 2019 (as well as photo positions if wearing a photographer tabard), the Universiade Park, and to the Interview Room located in the Universiade Village.

Professional photography inside the venues of the 2019 Summer Universiade is only allowed if the photographer has the required accreditation card as well as professional equipment, and only in the specifically designated areas.

IMPORTANT! Photographers are allowed to take still photographs only. Video and audio recording through any device, including mobile phones, is prohibited.

Before the start of the 2019 Summer Universiade, each photographer must read and sign the Regulations on the work of media representatives during the 30th Summer Universiade Napoli 2019. Before signing this document, photographers cannot take photographs at the venues of the 2019 Summer Universiade.


Organization of photographers’ work

Briefing for photographers

A briefing will be held for photographers before the start of the Student Games. During this briefing, the information concerning all the opportunities for photography at the venues will be presented and photographers will be able to ask questions regarding their work during competitions.

Attendance at this briefing is mandatory for all accredited photographers. It will be held in the Main Press Centre. The information about the time of the briefing will be provided further.

Groups of photographers

IMPORTANT! Accredited photographers are divided into two groups:

  • Group A: a pool of photographers for the 2019 Summer Universiade. The pool includes photographers from the Directorate, FISU, international and federal photo agencies, NUSF representatives.
  • Group B: other photographers accredited for the Student Games.

Photographer Tabards

The photographer tabard determines whether the photographer belongs to Group A or Group B.

Group A photographers will receive dark-blue tabards and Group B photographers will receive dark-green tabards.

All photographers must wear their tabards along with their accreditation cards. They will not be allowed to photo positions without accreditation cards.

Photographer tabards will be handed out during the briefing held before the competitions. Tabards will be given only

to the photographers present at the briefing.

The tabard will be provided for the entire period of games.

If the tabard is lost, it will not be reissued, so the photographer loses his/her right to take photographs at the venues of the 2019 Summer Universiade.

The tabards have PHOTO signs and individual numbers. Photographer tabards cannot be transferred to a third person.

Workplace policies in photo positions

Photo positions

Photographs of the competitions can be taken only from specifically desig-

nated zones, photo positions. These positions are determined based on the best shooting angles, layout of broadcasters’ cameras, venue safety requirements and sports rules.

Photo positions are placed inside every venue of the 2019 Summer Universiade and marked with the relevant PHOTO signs.

Photo positions are divided into two categories: (PHOTO sign on a blue background) and B (PHOTO sign on a green background).

Access to photo positions is provided only if there is the Ep category accreditation and an appropriate photographer tabard.

Group A photographers have access to categories A and B photo positions as well as to the photo positions in the awarding ceremony areas.

Group B photographers have access only to category B photo positions. If there are available seats in Group A photo positions, they can be temporarily occupied by Group photographers. To do this, a request should be sent to the venue photo manager. If approved, a photographer must temporarily change his/her tabard to a tabard that provides access to photo position. Upon completion of his/her work, the photographer shall immediately return

the tabard to the pool and get his/her tabard back

IMPORTANT! The layout of the photo positions is subjectto changes. Up-to-date information will be provided at the Information Desk at each venue.

Workplace policies

IMPORTANT! Access to photo positions is provided only if there is a dark-blue or dark-green tabard. Access to photo positions is provided an hour before the start of the competitions.

A photo position can be occupied no later than 5-15 minutes before the competitions depending on the rules of a specific sport.

A photographer who fails to occupy his/her position by the specified time will not be allowed

there. In this case, photographs can be taken from vacant spectator seats.

Photographers occupy their seats in photo positions in the order of arrival to the site.

If all the seats are occupied, they will be put on the waiting list by the venue manager.

Some sports may involve draws for photographers to distribute photo positions.

Occupying photo positions with bags or equipment is prohibited. Any belongings left unattended in photo positions will be removed as ownerless by the security service.

Only the equipment necessary for work is allowed in the photo positions. Large carrying cases for photography equipment can be left inside the lockers located in the press centres of every venue. This way it will be possible to save space and allow the largest possible number of photographers to the photo position.

IMPORTANT! It is not allowed to leave the photo position during most of the competitions. You can only move from one photo position to another during a break or upon completion of the competition along the paths indicated on the layouts or accompanied by a photo manager/ volunteers working in photo positions.

Photographers should always stay BEHIND broadcaster cameras. Photographers must not get caught in the lens and should not interfere with the work of camera crews.

Photographers are not allowed to go out on the field of play.

IMPORTANT! It is prohibited to use flash for photography.

It is prohibited to use stepladders and tripods (monopods are allowed) to take photographs in photo positions.

Extreme care should be exercised in relation to photographic equipment near the field of play to ensure security of the athletes. Mobile phones must be put on mute/vibration mode.

Consumption of food is prohibited in photo positions.

Smoking is prohibited in photo positions and at all venues of the Winter Universiade 2019.

Photographers must not stand in front of advertisement panels or obscure them in any way.

Photographers should avoid wearing bright prints and large logos. Footwear must be soft-soled with low heels. Photographers must not have cheering equipment.

IMPORTANT! Workplace policies in photo positions may vary depending on the sports rules. Specific rules at each venue must be discussed with the venue photo manager before the competitions.

Workplace policies in other positions

Photographing from stands Photographers may take photos:

  • from media stands,
  • from any vacant seat in spectator stands. In this case, the photographer must take measures in order to avoid getting in the way of the viewers. If a spectator with a ticket to the seat occupied by the photographer appears, the photographer must vacate it.

Photographing during press conferences

Photographers may take photographs in press conference halls at all venues and in the Main Press Centre.

Photography in mixed zones

Photographing in mixed zones can be carried out by photographers from both Group A and Group B. In this case, priority is given to Group A and if there is intense interest for an athlete in the mixed zone, access for Group B photographers may be restricted by the venue photo manager.

Photography of awarding ceremonies

Group A photographers have priority at the awarding ceremonies.

Where possible, the venue photo manager will also grant access to the photographers whose fellow countrymen are awarded.

Photographers may arrive and leave to take photographs of the awarding ceremonies only accompanied by the photo manager or volunteers working in photo positions.

Photography in changing rooms

Photographers are not allowed to enter changing rooms even at the invitation of athletes or team officials.

Photographs of training sessions

Photographs of official training sessions are possible only upon approval by the delegation’s press-attache. In this case, a photographer must send an application to the Press Centre, as during the non-competition period journalists are allowed entrance to the venue only if accompanied by the Head of Press Centre.

Using flash equipment

Photographers are not allowed to use flash equipment in photo positions and stands during training sessions and competitions.

Flash equipment can be used during awarding ceremonies, in press conference halls (excluding the Main Press Centre), mixed zones, spectator zone out of the competition area.

Services for accredited photographers

Working stations

Photographers may work at stations equipped with office appliances at press centres or use work stations with an option to connect their personal equipment


Metal boxes locked with a key, which are installed at the venues, can be used to store photography equipment. The key can be received from the information desk administrator in the Press Centre of a sports venue. At the end of the day, the box must be emptied and the key must be returned.


Photo Service Centre

The Photo Service Centre is located inside the Main Press Centre. It provides repair, setting up and maintenance services for professional photography equipment. While the equipment is under repair, similar equipment can be offered for lease.

Carrying tools for photography equipment

The accreditation cards for accredited photographers have a hammer pictogram. It permits, as an exception, to carry the following tools and expendable materials from the List of prohibited items for professional activities:

  1. Screwdrivers, combination pliers and other working tools.
  2. Liquids for cleaning lenses of photographic and video equipment (no more than 500 ml per person).
  3. Compressed air cans for photographic equipment.
  4. Mounts for photographic equipment.
  5. Sports equipment and crampons (upon request to photo manager).

Equipment labeling

In order to carry and use radio electronic devices (RED), including photography equipment remote controls and Wi-Fi routers, at the venues of the 2019 Summer Universiade, a permit and a special label must be obtained. The detailed procedure necessary to obtain the permit to use RED is described in the Use of Radio Electronic Devices (Equipment Labelling) section.

Use of photographs taken during the Student Games

The rights to all photographs taken during the 2019 Summer Universiade belong to the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

IMPORTANT! The photographs taken by accredited photographers during the Student Games can be used only by media represented by an accredited photographer and only for publication purposes (also in social media, blogs and on other Internet platforms).

Using photographs taken during the Student Games for promotional or other commercial purposes is prohibited. An exception to this is a prior written consent obtained from FISU.

Regulations on work of non-rights holders

Broadcasting rights for the Summer Universiade 2019 outside of the Italian Federation shall be owned by FISU.

The rights in the territory of the Federation and CIS countries shall be held by ANO “Directorate Napoli 2019” (hereinafter the “Directorate”). Broadcasting right shall be delegated by the Directorate to Host Broadcaster National Sports Channel LLC and to all the TV companies holding a non-exclusive right. Host Broadcaster shall generate a signal, broadcast live and shoot videos of the 2019 Summer Universiade competitions in compliance with the FISU Minimum Requirements for the Summer Universiade.

Only the entities that received the Student Games broadcasting rights from FISU or the Directorate in a specific territory (right holders) shall be entitled to broadcast. Other entities (non-right holders) shall not be entitled to broadcast sound or video images of the 2019 Summer Universiade, including competitions, the Opening ceremony, the Closing ceremony, the awarding ceremonies or any other events of the Student Games, except as permitted herein.

The representatives of Russian and international non-right-holding TV companies shall be classified as belonging to the Media client group. The production teams of such TV channels shall obtain En accreditation.

Operators of press centres and university media, representing the Media client group, shall be additionally a part of non-right holders shall further include the. Operators of press services and other mass media shall also be regarded as non-right holders. They shall also be accredited with category En.

IMPORTANT! Apart from accreditation cards, video camera operators shall need special tabards with the word PRESS written on them. Tabards shall be issued only after the briefing which will provide all information on all video shooting possibilities during the 2019 Summer Universiade.

In accordance with the acquired accreditation, the production teams of all the entities lacking rights for the Student Games broadcasting shall be allowed to access the 2019 Summer Universiade venues, the Main Press Centre, the Universiade Park, and the Universiade Village interview room. Herewith, they shall be allowed to access the stands of the venues only without radio and television broadcasting equipment, while the remaining permitted areas may be accessed with equipment.

In order to prepare their own video material, the accredited companies from among non-right holders shall receive highlights, that is, clips with the course of the competitions including the best moments from the Student Games.

Work rules at the Winter Universiade 2019 venues for non-right holders

Briefing for non-right holders

Before work starts, all accredited representatives of non-right-holding TV companies must attend a briefing on the rules of work during the Winter Universiade 2019.

The start of the Winter Universiade 2019 shall be preceded by 2 briefings: one for local and another for non-resident/international TV companies. Briefings shall be held at the Main Press Centre. Information on the time of the briefings will be announced later.

Video shooting of competitions

Only the Host Broadcaster and the right holders shall be permitted to shoot and broadcast the 2019 Winter Universiade competitions. In this regard, non-right holders are not allowed to:

  • shoot videos from both spectator and media stands; T bring any equipment to media stands;
  • shoot competitions from the mixed zone if it offers a view of the field of play.

Video shooting in other zones

Throughout the Winter Universiade 2019, the production teams of non-right holders shall have the right to operate their equipment in the designated areas specified herein:

  • Mixed zone. The zone destined to short interviews with the competition participants. Working period: after/during each competition in accordance with the rules applicable to each discipline. Journalists may not go beyond the fencing, get in the way of athletes, or enter the Host Broadcaster’s work zone. Should there be a great number of journalists, they shall be put on a waiting list. The representatives of non-right holders may stay in the mixed zone only after the Host Broadcaster, right holders, press service of the Student Games, and information partners.
  • Press Conference Hall. Press conferences shall be held upon completion of a medal event in each discipline and after the decisive/critical matches in team sports. They shall start 20 or 30 minutes after the awarding ceremony or after a competition has ended. Depending on the peculiarities of a specific discipline, medal awardees, the best performing players from any team and the coaches shall attend a press conference.
  • Spectator zone outside of the field of play.
  • Area in front of the venue in the spectator zone.
  • Official trainings (if it is agreed by press-attaché or the head of delegation).
  • The area of the Universiade Park.
  • Video shooting on these positions by video camera operators from non-right- holding TV companies is allowed only if they have the corresponding accreditation (En) and yellow tabards.

Restrictions for non-right holders

At the Winter Universiade 2019 venues, the production teams of non-right- holding TV companies shall be banned from:

  • jamming any TV signal being generated by the Host Broadcaster;
  • using any drones when shooting;
  • broadcasting and/or recording competitions through any transmitting devices, including cell phones;
  • using unlabeled radioelectronic equipment or high frequency devices;
  • connecting their own equipment to RTBS (Radio and Television Broad-casting System) and/or the venues’ energy supply system;
  • accessing the IBC (International Broadcasting Centre) and the positions assigned to broadcasters (including commentary positions);
  • video shooting inside check points;
  • video shooting in any of the areas/zones prohibited herein.

Procedure for providing highlights and the applicable terms of use

The accredited TV channels shall be provided with the competitions’ daily highlights in order to create news items for usage in on-air programs. The highlights are in complete audio-visual form which includes the most memorable moments of the competition with natural sounds, without commentary.

The highlights shall be created and provided by the Host Broadcaster. The links to the content shall be available in the information system, i.e., a special service which may be accessed only by the journalists accredited for the Summer Universiade 2019.

IMPORTANT! Highlights (up to 26 minutes) shall be provided twice a day: at 05.35 pm and 12:05 pm local time (with possible time adjustments depending on the sports programme).

The applicable terms of use:

  • The Highlights shall be used in strict compliance with these Rules.
  • The Highlights shall be used solely for news purposes, only during reg- ular daily news TV programs, with the new items being the prevailing content.
  • The Highlights shall be used in news programs according to the following terms and conditions:
  • the Highlights may appear in no more than 7 news programs per day;
  • no more than 3 minutes of the total timing of the Highlights may be used in each news program;
  • news programs using the highlights shall be separated by a timeinterval of not less 30 minutes;
  • a news program is allowed to show no more than one third of any particular event, and the duration of such showing must not exceed 30 seconds (with the smaller value of the two values being restrictive). If an event lasts less than 15 seconds, it may be shown in the news program in full.
  • The progress and outcome of the events represented in the highlights must not be changed.
  • The Highlights may be used to cover events only within 48 hours after the relevant competition day is over in order to prevent spectators from receiving misleading information about the events. That said, upon expiration of said period, items may be made available in the archive services of the accredited media, and the video may be used even if marked as Archive.
  • Each video broadcasting from the Highlights shall be accompanied with a reference to the Organizing Committee. The following reference shall be visible on the screen for the full duration of the video: “The video is courtesy of the Directorate Napoli 2019.”
  • The Highlights may not be provided to any third party.
  • The news programs using any materials may not be positioned or promoted as the 2019 Summer Universiade programs, and the highlights may not be used with the purpose of promoting and advertising news or any other programs of any given TV channel.
  • Neither advertisements nor any other type of advertising message may appear during the streaming of the highlights (neither as a superimposed image on the screen nor as a separate picture).

Media requests

Useful information about the 2019 Summer Universiade shall be published in the information system for accredited media representatives in the Documents Section.

IMPORTANT! Any additional information pertaining to the 30th Summer Universiade 2019 shall be provided by “Directorate Napoli 2019” upon request. In order to submit a request, journalists shall contact in person the info desk at the venues’ press centres and the Main Press Centre or e-mail them at [email protected]

Such requests must contain the full name of the journalist, name of the organization, media type, country and contact details. The requests shall be reviewed in Italian and English. The review time limit shall be 24 hours.

Face-to-face interviews with the athletes

IMPORTANT! In order to interview athletes and coaches face to face, journalists must contact the team representatives on their own and arrange when and where they will meet.

Interview rooms

Interview rooms shall be made available at the Main Press Centre and in the Universiade Village for those wishing to interview the Summer Universiade 2019 participants. They may be used by any accredited journalist but shall require prebooking. In order to do that, the journalist shall contact the info desk manager at any press centre and complete a request. Rooms shall be provided upon request on a first-come, first-served basis.

IMPORTANT! When getting ready for an interview, the journalist must make sure that their interlocutor is accredited for the 2019 Summer Universiade and has access to the relevant venue.

Only a representative of a sports delegation who has access to the international zone of the village shall be invited there for an interview (an «I» must be written on the accreditation card).

To access the Main Press Centre, the interlocutor shall have a “P” on their accred- itation card. Whether there is no such access level, a request must be submitted to the MPC information desk to issue a daytime pass for the interlocutor (the request shall be submitted at least 24 hours before the interview).