Flame Torch Relay


Turin, the city that hosted the first Universiade 60 years ago, in 1959, is the chosen location for the Torch Ignition Ceremony: a solemn event taking place in the University of Turin, where the journey to Napoli 2019 will begin.

  • 16 torchbearers / 260 m each
  • 40 minutes / 4,15 km
  • STARTING POINT: Via Verdi- University of Turin Rector’s office
  • ARRIVAL POINT: Castle of Valentino – Polytechnic University of Turin


The second stage of Napoli 2019 Torch Relay will be a meaningful and exciting moment, as it will take place in Lausanne, home of FISU headquarters, on June 6th.

  • 6 torchbearers / 200 m each
  • 20 minutes / 1,2 km
  • STARTING POINT: FISU – Synathlon
  • ARRIVAL POINT: Centre Sportif Universitaire

3rd STAGE | MILAN JUNE 10TH 2019

After Lausanne, the Torch will reach Milan on June 10th and will be displayed in “Spazio Campania”- the new Campania Region’s exhibition area located in Piazza Fontana – where it will serve as a backdrop for meetings and events related to sports, culture and economic growth promoted by Campania Region.

  • 15 torchbearers / 250 m each
  • 35 minutes / 3,1 km
  • STARTING POINT: Spazio Campania – Piazza Fontana
  • ARRIVAL POINT: Largo Gemelli- Università Cattolica


On June 11th, the Torch will reach Assisi, which received the oil to illuminate the Tomb of St. Francis from Campania Region. The Flame will stop at the Saint’s Tomb to underline the importance of the city as an interfaith hub.

  • 4 torchbearers / 200 m each
  • 12 minutes / 800 km
  • STARTING POINT: Basilica of Saint Francis
  • ARRIVAL POINT: Piazza del Comune


Leaving Assisi, the Torch will reach Rome on June 12th, passing through Vatican City to pay tribute to the Holy Father and receive his blessing.

  • 9 torchbearers / 110 m each
  • 14 minutes / 1 km
  • STARTING POINT: St. Peter square (to be confirmed)
  • ARRIVAL POINT: Italian Sports Centre


After Rome, the Torch will arrive in Matera, a little jewel in the South of Italy, UNESCO World Heritage and 2019 European Capital of Culture.

  • 9 torchbearers / 240 m each
  • 20 minutes / 2,1 km
  • STARTING POINT: Via del Castello – University of Basilicata (to be confirmed)
  • ARRIVAL POINT: Visitazione square – City of Matera

7th Stage | Avellino June 22nd, 2019

Leaving Matera, on June 22nd the Torch will arrive in Campania to begin a “tour inside a tour” of the five provinces, starting from Avellino, the first out of five cities that will host the Universiade.

  • 10 torchbearers / 240 m each
  • 25 minutes / 2,4 km
  • DEPARTURE: Piazza della Libertà
  • ARRIVAL: Piazza della Libertà

8th Stage | Benevento June 24th, 2019

The Torch will continue its journey through History by stopping in Benevento, the ancient land of the Samnites, the Romans and the Lombards.

  • 10 torchbearers / 240 m each
  • 30 minutes / 2,4 km
  • DEPARTURE: Roman Theatre
  • ARRIVAL: Arch of Trajan

9th Stage | Caserta June 26th, 2019

Continuing its tour among the beauties of Campania, the Torch will arrive in one of the most beautiful palaces in the world: the Royal Palace of Caserta, also known as the “Italian Versailles”.

  • 8 torchbearers / 190 m each
  • 16 minutes / 1,5 km
  • DEPARTURE: Viale Ellittico
  • ARRIVAL: Piazza IV Novembre

10th Stage | Salerno June 29th, 2019

Before arriving in Naples, the Torch will stop in Salerno, traveling along the city’s beautiful promenade to reach the ancient cathedral.

  • 6 torchbearers / 245 m each
  • 15 minutes / 1,5 km
  • DEPARTURE: Via Roma
  • ARRIVAL: “Masuccio Salernitano” Marina

11th Stage | Naples July 2nd, 2019

The journey of the Torch will conclude in Naples, home of the 30th Summer Universiade, travelling along the city’s promenade, with Mount Vesuvius and Castel dell’Ovo as a backdrop. During its Neapolitan tour, the Torch will also stop at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

  • 12 torchbearers / 190 m each
  • 25 minutes / 2,3 km
  • DEPARTURE: Piazza Municipio
  • ARRIVAL: Piazza Vittoria

Cerimonia d'apertura 03 Luglio 2019

Cerimonia d’apertura, Stadio San Paolo – Ore 21.00