“I am always open to dialogue, but without polemic spirit and exploitations. Otherwise, I am going to split hairs and I want to know why they did nothing in the last years and now they fuel an argument about 300 out of 150.000 students in Campania who will be temporarily relocated”, Domenico Apicella - President of Adisurc (Regional Body for the Right to University Education) – said, responding to criticism of Link, an university students’ movement, about the decision to realize the Athletes Village in the university residences. “In Salerno the project was launched more than a year ago thanks to the approval of Fisu and Cusi, that consider Fisciano campus easier to monitor. After that, I convened a meeting with the university students’ movements in order to apply for students’ support, but Link was the only one that did not take part”. The Fisciano and Pozzuoli residences, Apicella explains, will be redoubled, in every accommodation another bed will be placed. So, in Salerno beds will increase from 760 to 1600”.