General Overview

  • All participants involved in Napoli 2019 are required to submit Arrivals and Departures (A/D) data to the OC at the earliest possible time. The OC recommends all participants to submit such data on the FISU online accreditation system.
  • All A/D information must be input into the FISU online accreditation system (OAS) by June 3rd 2019.
  • The official port of entry for Naples Universiade is Capodichino International Airport (NAP).
  • Local transfer services will be provided from the NAP Airport to 3 Athletes’ Villages clusters from June 27 to July 16, 2019.
  • No transfer service will be provided outside the official dates.
  • Route from the airport to AVs.
  • To book a taxi to reach a venue, please call the number: +39 349 2679177

From June 27 to July 16, 2019 welcoming staff will be stationed in the following areas:

  • A welcome desk in Capodichino International Airport, just outside the arrivals area
  • A welcome desk in Naples’ Central Train Station (Napoli Centrale) to assist Delegations in finding OC transport to NAP Airport, where they will need to be redirected to the Delegation Welcome Centre (DWC).
  • OC welcoming staff will be assigned to both locations to provide assistance on Arrivals and related procedures.
  • Capodichino International Airport (NAP) Arrivals area

In principle, the bus to and from NAP Airport will provide space for 20kg of luggage per person.  If a delegate needs to travel with a large or excess amount of luggage, related information must be entered in the “Arrival and Departure” form in the FISU Accreditation online registration system.

If this information is not provided, OC may not be able to assist with local transport. For the claim of extra luggage there is a separate conveyor in the same area of baggage claim.

A Large or Excess Amount of Luggage Transportation Policy will be confirmed and communicated to all Delegations in early May.

Special assistance should be requested from  to your selected airline or travel agent at the moment of reservation and at least 48 hours prior to departure. It is important to provide the airline with that the airline will be provided with detailed information regarding any special needs.

Assistance is free and the airline is responsible for informing any involved airports. (for further information:

All airline safety regulations must be followed. For further information please see the following link

After Delegation members collect the luggage, they can exit through the indicated “nothing to declare” door if the luggage does not exceed the duty-free quota and the Delegate is not carrying any controlled, prohibited or restricted articles. Otherwise, the Delegation needs to pass through the “Goods to Declare” door.

All participants should be informed about the “Traveller’s Custom Charter” that explains and introduces the customs policy carried out within the E.U. countries

Random customs controls could can be run.

Border Control

Depending on the flight’s country of origin, passengers will be divided in two different directions as follows:

  • From Schengen Area: passengers don’t need to show any documents and can go directly to luggage claim area;
  • Outside Schengen Area: passengers must pass through the Passport control channel and show their passport. For other details about other documents that have to be shown please see Chapter 6 Visa Information in the HOD Manual.

After passports check control (for passengers’ flights coming from outside Schengen area) delegations need to collect luggage in the claim area.

All the participants arriving into Italy should read the “Traveller’s Custom Charter”. In case of any difficulties, please contact the OC staff, who will be available to provide assistance near the declarations area.

Please note that some goods may only be imported or exported in strictly limited quantities.

It is prohibited to import or export goods beyond the allowed quantities. For extra luggage see paragraph.

All the details and procedures are explained at the following link

To be confirmed by early May.


The Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade has only one official port of entry that is Capodichino International Airport. If the arrivals and departures are planned from and to Naples’ Central Train Station (Napoli Centrale) – it must be  communicated on the FISU online Accreditation system.

The Official Airport for Napoli Universiade is Capodichino International Airport. From there all transport services will be guaranteed to and from the Athletes’ Villages from June 27 to 16 July 2019.

Delegations, after collecting their luggage, will need to reach the Delegation Welcome Center DWC where HODs will settle Arrivals & Departures,  financial accounts, receive temporary passes, book CIC and Welcome Ceremony appointments, confirm AV rooms and where Delegations will board buses to their AV. After these procedures the Delegations will be transferred to the Athletes’ Villages clusters (Naples, Caserta or Salerno).

Delegation’s Flow at Capodichino Airport.

For those who plan to arrive in Naples via train, instead of plane, there will be a service to transfer Delegations from Napoli Central Train Station to the DWC at Capodichino Airport in order to get a bus to their AV.  If arrivals information is provided in advance (i.e. by 3 June) via online A&D system, then Delegations can expect timely service.

If the information is not provided in advance, Delegations are likely to wait for an extended period of time before  service can be provided.

Delegation’s Flow at Napoli Centrale Train Station.

Delegations will be directed to the DWC where the OC workforce will meet each Head of Delegation (HoD) while the delegation members can wait in the Waiting Area.

The DWC will be divided into two zones:

  1. Waiting Area
  2. Arrivals & Departures, Finance desks, dedicated to the payment of the remaining fees, temporary pass collection (for further information see chapter 5), CIC meeting and Welcome Ceremony booking, AV room confirmation. After completing the process noted above, Delegation members will be escorted to 50-seater buses in separate load zones for transfer to their assigned Village.

For different client groups transport service will be guaranteed. Clients will be transferred through an OC-operated  bus/van/car accordingly to the «groups’» size to the assigned official accommodations.

Further information about client groups that can benefit from transport service will be confirmed by early May.


The departure period will be until 16 July. As for Departures, OC will notify the Delegation about bus departure time and place 48 hours before departure (in accordance with the flight schedule in the accreditation registration system).

Transport service will be available from each AV cluster. Providing Departure information in the A&D system is  mandatory in order to receive timely service.

Departures’ Change Process will be communicated to HOD until arrival in NAP.

Drop-off zones are located in front of Departure Terminal. For aviation safety regulations please read chapter number 8.2.