“In a historic moment where Italy counts few constructions sites throughout the territory, the opening of new ones is our greatest satisfaction”, said the extraordinary commissioner for Napoli 2019 Gianluca Basile, who was present this morning in Pagani (province of Salerno), to talk about the start of works at the Marcello Torre Stadium, where some football matches will take place. “It is one of the last works that had not started yet. It is a high-quality  project. I think that – he continued – we will have limited time available for the implementation of the interventions. Now we must work hard”. The interventions will concern the waterproof covering of the stands. New seats with backrest will be positioned. Moreover, adjustments of the facility seismic vulnerability will be made, besides building works in the locker rooms, adaptation of electric and water systems, redevelopment of the hall and the press box, indoor (and probably outdoor) painting of the venue”. The Marcello Torre Stadium will be the flagship of the whole province of Salerno,” commented Sports Councillor Gerardo Palladino.