FISU and epic joined ARU in Naples the week of 11 December for a series of meetings, planning sessions and venue visits covering a wide variety of topics including staffing, the Athletes’ Village, accommodations, Main Press Center (MPC), volunteers and transportation.

The delegation visited venues in Naples and Caserta where the Delegations, Technical Officials and Media will be accommodated, including Stazione Marittima.  A meeting was held with key officials from the Port Authority, Stazione Marittima, City of Naples, Coast Guard, Navy and Regione Campania to make progress on plans to host the Delegations in the Region.

“Accommodating many of the Delegations on ships in Stazione Marittima is a unique, innovative solution, but requires a significant amount of well-coordinated planning”, Alan Shaw, epic President, noted during the meeting.  “It is necessary to create special access zones for the Athletes and Officials and develop well-conceived traffic plans not just for Universiade client groups, but also to ensure the City can continue to operate smoothly during the Games.”

“A lot of work is yet to be done and it will only be possible with strong teamwork and cooperation between various organizations throughout the region…really all of the stakeholders involved in the Summer Universiade”, Shaw stated.

The next official visit will be the first inspection visit of the Summer Universiade Supervision Committee scheduled for 30-31 January.