The Universiade will join the Comicon 21st edition

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The Universiade Napoli 2019 is taking part in one of the most popular International Comic Book Convetions: The Comicon 21st edition, hosted by Mostra d'Oltremare from 25th to 28th April. Three Universiade desks will be positioned within the fair, two of which in the area in front of Teatro Mediterraneo and one close to [...]

Napoli 2019 event environmentally friendly

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Napoli 2019 and Zero Waste Italy have started a cooperation to make Summer Universiade environmentally friendly. The international association will flank the Organizing Committee in every aspect concerning waste management: from the material to the waste disposal produced during the entire event, and the volunteers training who will work on the field also. [...]

Cag Chemical official suppliers of Napoli 2019

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The company Cag Chemical from Mondragone, in the province of Caserta, will be the official supplier of chemical material for the water treatment of swimming pools and venues of the 30th Summer Universiade. The agreement was signed this morning by the president of the company, Giovanni Capizzi, and the extraordinary commissioner for Napoli 2019, [...]

Napoli 2019 mascot and torch revelead

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Today, during the press conference of "Great sport event: passion in numbers", the mascot Partenope and the Universiade Napoli 2019 official torch were presented to the press. The Torch, inspired to the draft of Martina Crumetti, answers to a very sustanaible project, thanks to the recyclable and non-polluting materials. The Mascot "Partenope", a neapolitan [...]

The accreditation procedure is now available for the media

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From April 18th until May 15th, 2019, national and international media will be able to get accreditation for the 30th Summer Universiade, taking place in Naples and Campania from July 3rd until July 14th, 2019, by filling the online form ( available through the event's official website: The issuing of the accreditation, which will depend [...]

Massimiliano Rosolino: “I really want to experience Napoli 2019″

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A team of champions, ambassadors, athletes who have made the history of Italian sport and Campania legends are hitting the gas so that Napoli 2019 can live up to everyone's expectations. After Patrizio Olivia, committed to the volunteers recruitment and Davide Tizzano, who represents a link between the organizing committee and the national federations, [...]

Napoli 2019 meets italian and international sport press

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During a three-day meeting organized by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) and the Italian Sports Press Union (USSI), the Royal Continental Hotel in Naples will host on Thursday 18th April from 9 a.m. the conference  "Universiade 2019 - Sport between storytelling, analysis, tradition, scenarios ", with the participation of the Napoli 2019 ambassadors. [...]

Redevelopment interventions of the Luigi Moccia stadium in Afragola start today

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The tender procedure for the redevelopment of the Luigi Moccia sports complex in Afragola, in the province of Naples, has been completed. Artificial turf and locker rooms will soon be built. The works will be financed by Regione Campania as part of the redevelopment interventions of the approximately 60 sports venues located throughout the [...]

The Organizing committee presented the transportation plan for the City of Naples

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At the invitation of Comune di Napoli, the Universiade Napoli 2019 Organizing Committee presented the transportation plan guideline arranged by the Regional Agency for the Universiade (ARU) technical structure under the coordination of Regione Campania. The intervention will provide for a transportation service reserved to athletes and their partners from the Athletes Villages of [...]