FISU met the Extraordinary Commissioner: it has been a positive week

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Today FISU inspection at Napoli 2019 Organising Committee offices has ended. At the end of an intense and productive week, FISU delegation was able to analyse all the aspects of the event Napoli2019 and to deepen its relationships with the Extraordinary Commissioner Luisa Latella and the CONI Services delegates. “The last five days have [...]

Napoli 2019 mascot contest now available

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ARU launches a contest for the graphic design of Napoli 2019 mascot. The contest, that will expire on April 13rd, is addressed to all public secondary schools in Campania and is one of the most important steps for the event that will take place on 3rd July 2019. The winning mascot will represent Napoli [...]

President De Luca signs the agreement for the Commissioner

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The President Vincenzo De Luca has signed the agreement about the proposal of the Prime Minister for the appointment of the Commissioner for the Napoli 2019 Universiade. De Luca has stated that “Full cooperation with the Government and with the Commissioner Doctor Luisa Latella who, thanks to her experience, competence and proved responsibility, will [...]

Fisu and Epic have concluded their visit in Naples

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FISU and epic joined ARU in Naples the week of 11 December for a series of meetings, planning sessions and venue visits covering a wide variety of topics including staffing, the Athletes’ Village, accommodations, Main Press Center (MPC), volunteers and transportation. The delegation visited venues in Naples and Caserta where the Delegations, Technical Officials [...]