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XXX Universiade

Naples and the whole Campania Region will host the Summer Universiade 2019: this is a great opportunity for the development of the hosting region as well as for the international university sport.

Summer Universiade 2019 is working as an economic and social launch pad for Campania through the renovation of public sport infrastructures, good to be used also by residents, clubs and universities.

In a world where pacific coexistence seems to be undermined by social conflicts, Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade sets out to promote not only sport beyond competition, but also personal values of cooperation, inclusion, tolerance, respect and support in order to overcome disappointment, failure and defeat in sport.

The years of organization and promotion of the event are also a chance to encourage the creativity and innovation in Neapolitans, to propose new ways of participation in sporting and economic activities, such as new public-private partnerships, on the base of the pillars of Campania’s rich culture and history.

Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade will celebrate specifically the anniversaries of Italian contribution to international university sport, namely:

  • 70th FISU Anniversary – founded in 1949 in Italy (Merano)
  • 60th UNIVERSIADES Anniversary – 1st Universiade in Turin (Italy) 1959
  • 40th Anniversary World Record 200m by Pietro Mennea – Universiade Mexico 1979

Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade will provide the most suitable environment and all necessary services for the athletes to best support them and their staff.

Furthermore, Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade will infuse all participants, athletes and staff with a new, dynamic philosophy not narrowly focused on winning.

Summer Universiade 2019 Napoli will:

  • substantially modernize public sport facilities, as a legacy for young people in Campania;
  • strengthen the know-how and capabilities in high-performance, university and leisure sport administration in the region;
  • promote sport culture and healthy lifestyle, globalization and sporting values;
  • deliver an improvement of the economic fabric of the territory in creating employment, generating direct investments and visitor expenditure;
  • increase the visibility of Naples and the Campania region at national and international levels;
  • improve the quality of life and collective well-being through sport and leisure facilities and activities;
  • improve the overall quality of the environment through actions aimed at the gradual and steady reduction of pollution.