Napoli 2019 at Naples City Half Marathon

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The Organizing Committee of the Summer Universiade 2019 will join the 6th edition of the Napoli City Half Marathon with its own booth, where visitors will find gadgets and informative material. The Napoli 2019 Extraordinary Commissioner Gianluca Basile will be there on Sunday at 10.30 a.m. to reward the runners. The race will start [...]

Municipality of Caserta creates Universiade Committee

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A meeting, summoned by the mayor Carlo Marino, was held this morning in the council hall of the Municipality of Caserta for the creation of a committee appointed to organize collateral events in view of the Universiade scheduled for July. In Terra di Lavoro, in addition to men's water polo tournaments and football and [...]

Napoli 2019 at Naples International Rugby Sevens

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In view of the Summer Universiade scheduled in July, Naples already plays the role of international capital of sport. In the former Bagnoli Nato base, which will host the Universiade rugby matches, the Naples International Rugby Sevens 2019 will be held until Thursday. The Italian national team coach, Andy Vilk, who will lead the [...]

The Universiade Napoli 2019 in the schools of Campania with the aim of bringing young people closer to the event

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The Universiade Napoli 2019 arrives in the schools of  Campania. "We want to make this unique event known in all the municipalities and schools of the region", said this morning the President of Coni Campania Sergio Roncelli during the presentation of the third edition of the "Sport in Comune" experimental program. Realized in collaboration [...]

Signed agreement with Unisa for accommodations

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The Regional Agency for the Universiade 2019, the University of Salerno and the Adisu of Regione Campania (Adisurc) signed an agreement for the accommodation and catering service management on the occasion of the university sports event next July. The agreement was signed last Saturday at Fisciano Campus by the Napoli 2019 Extraordinary Commissioner Gianluca Basile, by [...]

Team participants entry list

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Less than 150 days after the opening ceremony of Napoli 2019, the Countries competing in all the sports teams have been outlined. For football, basketball, volleyball, water polo and rugby there will be both men's and women's teams, whereas the sailing teams will be mixed. Therefore many of them will try to defend the [...]

Napoli 2019 at Naples’ Archaeological Museum

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On February 4th, Naples' Archaeological Museum (MANN) held the event "Telling the Story of Excellence" promoted by ANSA Press Agency. Among the participating guests, there was the Special Commissioner Gianluca Basile for Universiade Napoli 2019.     MANN Director Paolo Giulierini said the museum is also willing to loan some of the museum's artifacts [...]

The second CSU visit is finished today

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The second CSU visit is finished today. After the sites-visit of yesterday in Caserta and Salerno, today was the day of meeting with the Organising Committee. "Since my last visit," CSU president Leonz Eder said, "the there has been a great deal of visible progress and more staff. Many operating areas are improving and [...]

CSU in Salerno, visit to the venues and the future athletes village

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Yesterday, during the CSU visit to the Universiade Organising Committee, the FISU delegates have supervised the sport venues and the accommodations that will host the event in July. In the afternoon they went to Salerno, where the Sport Assessor, Angelo Caramanno, and the town executives have introduced the delegates to the Arechi, the stadium of [...]

CSU Second Visit

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The second CSU visit starts today. The FISU Committee of Summer Universiade will be in Naples following the visit of last year, held in same period. This visit will allow the CSU to work with Organising Commettee, with the purpose of make a point about the imminent event. In the program there are visits to [...]