IDUS 2018 at Napoli 2019

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Two events to honor an important date, two  occasions to create expectation for next summer Universiade. Napoli 2019 has given its contribution to celebrate “International day of university sport” with a couple of sport momentum in the university venues of Napoli and Salerno with more than 300 sport students. Proclaimed by Unesco,  20th September [...]

First confirmations from 50 countries

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About 50 countries so far have expressed their intent to participate in the 2019 Universiade World University Games in Naples, by responding to an invitation letter sent by the Games' organising committee, the commissioner's office said on Monday. It sent invitation letters on September 3 to 202 countries. Countries that have responded they plan [...]

Athletes Village: Call for ship tenders

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The organising committee for the 2019 Universiade World University Games in Naples has issued a European call for tenders for the rental of a second cruise ship to be docked at the Port of Naples to host part of the athletes' village. The call for tenders (which can be accessed at .wp?actionPath=/ExtStr2/do/FrontEnd/Bandi/view.action&currentFra me=7&codice=G00174) [...]

ANAC gave its consent for the second cruise ship tender

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ANAC gave its consent to ARU to make a tender for the second cruise ship that will dock at Napoli’s port to host almost 2000 athletes of the Summer Universiade Napoli 2019. As ARU (Regional University Agency) makes clear, the tender will be soon published on their website and on newspapers, as a legal [...]

Athltes Village: contract signed with MSC

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Today, a contract between ARU (Regional Agency for Universiadi of Napoli 2019) and MSC has been signed in Naples, in a notary office, where Msc Lirica has been designated as a part of the athletes village for the sporting event planned in Naples the next summer. The cruise ship will be anchored in the port of [...]

First meeting of the Direction Cabinet: action plan approved

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The first meeting of the Direction cabinet for the 2019 Universiade took place this morning at "De Sanctis" room of Palazzo Santa Lucia. The event, which will be attended by university students from 170 countries, will include competitions of 18 sports from 3rd to 14th July 2019 and estimate the arrival of over 8000 [...]

Universiade: work begins on San Paolo

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Works began last week for the renovation of the sports track at Naples San Paolo stadium ahead of the 2019 Summer Universiade. The works will cost about 1.233 million euros. ''We are beginning from San Paolo, a symbolic place for Neapolitan sports,'' municipal sports councillor Ciro Borriello said, ''and we will give a strong [...]