Basile and Cardinal Sepe sign the memorandum of understanding

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At the Archbishop's Palace of Naples, the Napoli 2019 Extraordinary Commissioner Gianluca Basile and Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe signed a memorandum of understanding to define a series of interreligious and social initiatives in view of the 30th Summer Universiade taking place in Naples from 3rd to 14th July. Among the many initiatives expected there will [...]

Napoli 2019 HoD ended with the team draws

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The three-days Heads of Delegation Meeting (HoD) ended at the Stazione Marittima in Naples, with the heads of the sports delegations coming from 59 countries of the 124 ones participating in the 30th Summer Universiade Napoli 2019. The main goal was to offer a better comprehension of the state of preparations for the July [...]

Napoli 2019 closing cerimony at Piazza del Plebiscito

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Piazza Plebiscito, the most famous Neapolitan square will host the closing ceremony of the 30th Summer Universiade, on July 14. Between Lungomare and Via Toledo, in the heart of the old town center, Piazza Plebiscito is the perfect location for the big events. Marco Balich and his ‘Balich Worldwide Show’ company, specialized in creating [...]

Napoli 2019 draws for team sports will be carried out tomorrow

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The calendar of the competitions of the 18 sports disciplines registered in the 30th Summer Universiade Napoli 2019 will be completed tomorrow, with the draw for the combination of the women's and men's team sports tournaments: Football, water polo, basketball, rugby, volleyball. The FISU Secretary General Eric Saintrond will direct the draw operations from 1.30 [...]

Napoli 2019 Heads of Delegations Meeting is underway

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The three-day HoD Meeting will begin with around 60 heads of delegation coming from the 124 international university Federations which will take part from 3rd to 14th July in the 30th Summer Universiade Napoli 2019 in different local venues. The President of Regione Campania Vincenzo De Luca, the Extraordinary Commissioner Gianluca Basile, the President of [...]