Memoranda of Understanding between ARU and Universities of Campania

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Memoranda of Understanding between ARU and Universities of Campania   ARU is launching and defining Memoranda of Understanding among Universities of Campania to engage students and newly graduated in Universiade Napoli 2019 Organising Committee For this reason, ARU and CUR (Regional University Committee) chaired by Filippo de Rossi President of UniSannio, have promoted the [...]

Fisu and Epic have conclueded their visit in Naples

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Last week there was the visit of Fisu and Epic to Aru for a series of meetings and inspections in some event's venues. The visit, scheduled in November during the debriefing with Taipei Organising Committee, has been made the stock of situation on many important topics like Athletes Village, transportation, venues and more. The [...]

Fisu and Epic come to Naples next week

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Waiting the nomiee of Commissioner, the Universiade organization continues. Next week, a delegation of Fisu, coordinated by Summer Universiade Director Marc Vandenplas, and the advisor Epic, will reach Naples, to have series of meetings with all the functional areas of ARU. Is planned a visit to Stazione Marittima, to suppose a plan for the [...]

Statement from ARU

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Yesterday, 30th November 2017, in Aru headquarters at Mostra d'Oltremare, the examination board has evalueted administrative documents about  N°2 public tenders for the rent of passengers ships, the first for cruise service, the secondo for not cruise service. Both will be design for the Athlets Village, during the event. Has come N°1 proposal, on [...]