CTI Chair Clémençon : “All the venues in Campania are suitable to host the competitions”

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The second CTI visit of FISU, arranged by the Organizing Committee in preparation of Napoli2019, has been concluded. Broad approval from the 27 National and International sport delegates (sent by Italian Sport Federations and FISU) who, during the week, valuated renovation projects and visited venues for volleyball, swimming (pool and open water), archery, judo,  [...]

Second FISU CTI Visit

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Organizing Technical meetings for the 30th Summer Universiade go on. The FISU’s International Technical Committee (CTI) will be in Naples from tomorrow, April 15th, and for the entire week, to see the venues that will host the Universiade and to analyze executive projects , progress and timing of activities. In particular, it will be [...]

FISU met the Extraordinary Commissioner: it has been a positive week

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Today FISU inspection at Napoli 2019 Organising Committee offices has ended. At the end of an intense and productive week, FISU delegation was able to analyse all the aspects of the event Napoli2019 and to deepen its relationships with the Extraordinary Commissioner Luisa Latella and the CONI Services delegates. “The last five days have [...]