55 contracts awarded

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After the approval given to the works planned for the Afragola 'Moccia' site, where rugby events will be held, the contract awarding phase for the Naples Universiade 2019 sports facilities has been completed. Some 55 contracts have been awarded by Special Commissioner Gianluca Basile and his team for renovations on facilities that will be [...]

200 days to go: great success for the event

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A large polystyrene cutout with '200' written on it draws the attention of transit passengers at the Naples central station. Those not on departing trains stop and look. Some 200 days remain until the Universiade 2019 begin in Naples, set to run July 3-14, 2019. To promote the event in an area made available [...]

Universiade: under 200 days to go

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The Universiade 2019 games are fast approaching. On Saturday, when there will be fewer than 200 days before the kick-off, the Naples central train station will have a stand with demonstrations of some of the sports that will be included. The event was organized in collaboration with the regional Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI). [...]

Special Commissioner Basile in Braga for Steering Committee

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The Steering Committee of Fisu was held this morning in Braga, Portugal,. Napoli 2019 was represented by Special Commissioner Gianluca Basile. The FISU steering committee expressed satisfaction with the high number of countries - 120 - who have already registered for the event, a number that is expected to increase because registrations are open [...]

Meeting on security plan

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A meeting to discuss the security plan for the 2019 Universiade World University Games took place Tuesday at the Naples prefecture with Universiade Commissioner Gianluca Basile, prefects from the five provinces of the region of Campania, and Naples police chief Antonio De Iesu. The meeting was the next step in a series of planning [...]

First meeting of competition managers

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The first meeting of competition managers was held on Wednesday for the 2019 Universiade World University Games, together with the Games' sport operations director. The meeting was attended by representatives from a majority of the sports that will take part in the Games, scheduled for July 3-14 in Naples. This was the first meeting [...]

Delegations visit Naples

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A two-day visit by delegations from the some of the countries that will be competing in next year's sports event in the city will be completed today. Delegations of France, Grait Britain, China and Lithuania have visited venues in Naples, such as San Paolo stadium, Scandone swimming pool and Palabarbuto and the ones of [...]

Coordination booth at Palazzo Santa Lucia

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The coordination booth for Naples 2019 was held this morning, at Palazzo Santa Lucia, Campania Region’s headquarters: Commissioner Gianluca Basile has met mayors and representatives of the stakeholders interested in the presence of Raffaele Cantone, Anac president, Oleg Matytsin Fisu president, Lorenzo Lentini, head of Cusi, Sergio Roncelli, Campania president, and Fulvio Bonvitcola, the [...]